William Thompson

Sr. Software EngineerTech LeadCloud ComputingDistributed MicroservicesLinuxContainerzationREST API Development

Hi, I'm Will Thompson; a senior software engineer with the ability to engage teams. My passion is bringing a team together & developing systems that have impact


Cloud Native

AWS, Azure, GCP & Digital Ocean

My expertise lies in crafting cloud solutions utilizing AWS, Azure, GCP, and DigitalOcean, ensuring optimal service selection and resource allocation.

REST API Architecture

Express.js, FastAPI

I've honed my skills in REST API architecture, specializing in the use of Express and FastAPI to create efficient and scalable web services.


Docker & Podman

Packaging enterprise software with Docker and Podman at various companies, has honed my expertise in containerization strategies.

App Development

Web & Mobile

Web development veteran with Vue, Angular, Flask, and Electron, building interactive UIs, powerful APIs, and cross-platform apps.

System Design

Cloud & On Prem

Skilled in designing reliable and scalable systems for on-premise and cloud environments, prioritizing high availability and efficient resource utilization.

Team Leadership

Tech Lead

I've navigated the challenges of a fast-paced, highly secure environment as the tech lead and de facto manager of a 7-person API development team.


I bring a diverse skillset honed across various industries to tackle your complex challenges. I've built solutions for Cryptocurrency, MRO, E-Commerce, Logistics, Pharmaceutical Automation, and Cybersecurity, encompassing server automation, web applications, data pipelines, and software appliances. Let's have a conversation to see what we can build together.